Recent Demolition & Excavation Projects

Full Site Demolition Newcastle

Full Demolition Blacksmiths

Lakeside Demolition recently completed a full demolition project in Blacksmiths, paving the way for an exciting new build. Our team of experienced professionals executed the demolition with precision, ensuring the site was cleared efficiently and safely. This crucial first step in the construction process has set the stage for a successful new development in the area, meeting the needs of our client and adhering to all safety and environmental regulations.

Retaining Walls

Sandstone Retaining Wall

Lakeside Demolition recently completed a stunning sandstone retaining wall project in Newcastle, showcasing our expertise in crafting durable and visually appealing solutions. Our skilled team meticulously constructed the wall, incorporating high-quality materials and design techniques to create a functional yet aesthetically pleasing landscape feature. This project not only enhanced the property’s value but also improved its usability and overall appearance.

Retaining Walls Newcastle
Partial Strip Out Newcastle

Partial Strip Out Lake Macquarie

Lakeside Demolition recently undertook a partial strip-out demolition project in Lake Macquarie, showcasing our ability to execute intricate and precise demolition work. Our experienced team carefully removed specific sections of the structure while maintaining the integrity of the remaining building. This allowed the property owner to renovate and repurpose the space, creating a fresh and modern environment.

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